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CNC Milling

Featuring over seven CNC Milling Centers, Lockrey is equipped to meet a wide range of CNC milling needs. At our maximum capacity, we provide CNC milling services for up to 60 tools and 50 hp. With rapid movements of over 1,100 inches per minute and 15,000 rpm, our team of experts are able to precisely produce end products according to customer specifications.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling Centers

Four of our CNC Mill Centers are equipped with Renishaw probes for efficient part setups and precise, multi-stage machining operations. Our gear cutting capabilities range from mid-sized production to one-piece prototypes. We offer the most precise and reliable methods for the production of close tolerance parts, and our capacities accommodate project dimensions of up to 4″ diameter x 76″ long.

Vertical CNC Milling Machines:

Added Fixturing for 4th and 5th axis Machining

  • 1 – Makino PS95 – 40” x 20” x 22” Work piece Capacity
  • 1 – Makino PS105 – 40” x 20” x 22” Work piece Capacity
  • 1 – Hyundai KF5600C – 40” x 20” x 22” Work piece Capacity
  • 1 – Daewoo – 40” x 20” x 22” Work piece Capacity
  • 2 – TongTai VTX5 – Drill/tap centers primarily for second operations
  • 1 – TongTai VTX7 – Drill/tap centers primarily for second operations

Horizontal CNC Milling Machine:

  • 1 – Makino A51nx – Pallet System, 60 Tool Stations, 15,000 RPM

CNC Mill Features:

  • 3, 4, 5 axes
  • 40″ x 20″ x 22″ capacity
  • High Pressure Spindle Coolant System
  • CNC & Conventional
CNC Milling

A Team of CNC Milling Experts

Our talented and experienced CNC milling operators are the key for our success in manufacturing. Our employees are also the owners of Lockrey, which results in a heightened sense of pride in the work that we do. Our team’s commitment to producing excellent CNC milled products is our company’s recipe for success. Year after year, we continue to raise the bar in our industry for quality products, thanks to our impressive levels of expertise and dedication.