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Centerless Grinding

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding is a manufacturing service that has played a major role in the success of our company. This important process is used when tight dimensional accuracy and low workpiece surface roughness are demanded. Centerless grinding is one of the most widely used grinding methods in the industry, which is why the Lockrey Grinding Department has invested in over 3 centerless grinder stations.

Our Centerless Grinding Capacities

Our experienced machinists can produce intricate shapes and profiles on long or short parts, grind thin parts, grind-to-form parts and grind a wide range of part types. We offer the most precise and reliable methods for the production of close tolerance parts. Capacities up to 4″ diameter x 76″ long.

Centerless Grinding Benefits:

High Throughput

High-throughput computing (HTC) refers to the process of using many computing resources over long periods of time to accomplish ideal fabrication results. In this case, centerless grinding is considered to be this type of process. HTC optimizes production and is advantageous to our customers.

Fast Grinding Cycles

With fast grinding cycles, Lockrey’s centerless grinding operation attends to our customers’ need for quick and efficient fabrication. By investing in high-quality equipment, we are able to meet even the most time-sensitive orders.

Faster & Better Rounding

Lockrey has also optimized our rounding process for quicker production times and superior quality results.

Higher Accuracy

High speeds are not the only benefit the Lockrey Centerless Grinding operation offers our customers. We also provide highly accurate grinding results, which minimizes waste and results in high-quality end products.

Wide Part Range

As referenced in our centerless grinding capacities, our equipment accommodates a wide range of parts needs. Whether you are looking for a fabrication manufacturer that can produce one large part, or someone who will supply you with a production run of numerous smaller parts, Lockrey has your needs covered.

Our Centerless Grinding Equipment:

  • 2 – Cincinnati #2 CNC control – Plunge and Thru work
  • 1 – Cincinnati 220-8 – Full Bar attachment to process full bar lengths