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Quality Wire Forming

Lockrey’s quality Wire Forming Division services an array of customers in industries, such as automotive, industrial, commercial, and many more! Explore our excellent wire forming facilities and discover the extent of our capabilities:

Wire Forming

Quality Wire Forming Acquisition

Lockrey Manufacturing is proud to maintain a division within our facility that is solely dedicated to quality wire forming projects. Since establishing our Wire Forming Division in 2014 and investing in highly effective machines, Lockrey has been running our facility to meet the varied needs of countless industries by offering wire forming services at competitive prices.

Wire Forming Machines

One of the first purchases of our quality Wire Forming Division was a CNC wire former. This equipment is capable of manufacturing wire with 3 axes, greatly reducing the need for special fixturing, tooling, and hand work. Our equipment purchases do not end there, as our company continually invests in worthwhile technology. With our well-equipped facility, parts can now be 3D-modeled and programmed directly allowing the operator to create three-dimensional wire forms with the touch of a button.

Quality Wire Forming Machine Capacities

  • CNC Wire Forming – 1⁄4” Carbon Steel Capacity
  • Manual Wire Forming – 1” Carbon Steel Capacity

Lockrey: Leading Wire Forming Companies in Innovation

Investing in the new wire forming machine is one of many examples of Lockrey Manufacturing continued improvement for the facility. Technology is one of the fastest changing aspects in manufacturing—and to remain competitive and cutting edge, it is essential to provide tools with the latest updates and software.

Wire Forming

Quality Wire Forming to Meet Your Unique Needs

At Lockrey, we understand that every customer has unique project requirements, especially when it comes to their wire forming needs. Because of this, our team accommodates a wide range of wire forming services, producing vastly different wire forms depending on the intended application. Our quality Wire Forming Division can handle everything from material selection, to efficient welding techniques, and high-quality finishes. By investing in both cutting-edge machines as well as a highly skilled and well-trained workforce, there is no quality wire forming challenge that Lockrey cannot meet with excellence.