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About Lockrey Manufacturing

Located in the heartland of the industrial Midwest, the Lockrey Manufacturing facility is geared for efficient, expedient, and quality production. Our philosophy is simple and time tested: “We provide the customer with value-added products, utilizing innovative technology while offering the expert technical support of the Lockrey Team.”

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Our History

Founded in 1956 as Lockrey Screw Products, eventually our company was renamed Lockrey Manufacturing to emphasize the company’s diversity in manufacturing. That spirit of diverse manufacturing continues today; We are an employee-owned company that invests in both technology and people to serve a multitude of industries. We consider ourselves a community of the best resources for the markets we serve.


Lockrey’s success has been built on the ability to deliver value to its customers. To accomplish this, each and every associate needed to be committed to the success of the company, which is why, in 2000, Lockrey Manufacturing became Employee Owned. Upon completion of a year of service with Lockrey, each associate is eligible to accumulate shares as part owner of Lockrey through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. 

Employee ownership works because employees see how their actions directly affect the financial success of their company. In today’s competitive global economy, businesses must maintain a workforce that is highly motivated, creative and skilled. Employee Ownership has allowed Lockrey to cultivate these traits in our employees.

Through the combination of a highly motivated workforce, where over half of all profits are shared, and a continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technology, Lockrey has remained a leader in the machining and fabricating markets. Today, Lockrey Manufacturing is a one-stop, complete parts processing, manufacturing company.




Lockrey has a number of certificates, establishing Lockrey’s commitment to providing quality products and services that support the company’s specialized machining and fabricating business.

Our Facility


Having everything under one roof sets Lockrey Manufacturing apart from other machine and fabrication shops. Specifically, our “Industrial Mall” approach allows for quicker lead times on projects that involve multiple processes.