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CNC Metal Forming

Lockrey Manufacturing proudly maintains a variety of CNC metal forming machines that can produce your components and/or weldments within tight tolerances.

Forming & Punching

CNC Metal Forming and Our Advantages

The Lockrey Fabrication department has the capacity to accommodate a wide range of project needs. Our CNC Metal Forming abilities are supported by 4 CNC Press Brakes, with a capacity to handle up to 120” long work pieces. We also maintain a 6-axis station that can handle up to 250 tons.

Lockrey prioritizes quick turnaround times, understanding that our clients often come to us with tight deadlines. Because we have invested our energy and resources into developing strategic CNC metal forming, Lockrey is highly efficient and will produce large orders at impressive speeds.

Our metal forming processes never sacrifice quality, despite our quick turnaround times. Our CNC Metal forming equipment is built to ensure superior accuracy in every project. Not only that, but our machines ultimately promote high levels of safety by reducing the human variable as well.

Our Highly Efficient Team of CNC Metal Forming Engineers

Trust the time-tested experience of our highly skilled workforce for all of your metal forming needs. Equipped with the knowledge of sheet metal design from the training of Trumpf, our engineers can take your weldments and make them into formed pieces to allow for higher efficiency and lower production costs. By intuitively reducing welds and replacing them with bends, our team is able to streamline production for your products.

Forming & Punching

Custom Metal Forming Orders

Lockrey creates custom tooling when a part calls for specific bend shapes. We are always up to the challenge when customers present us with complex parts. Give us a call today to discuss your forming needs and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.