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Robotic MIG and Manual MIG Welding

Robotic MIG and Manual MIG Welding

When to Use MIG Welding Techniques

As a fabrication service provider, Lockrey understands the importance of both Robotic and Manual MIG welding techniques, as well as TIG welding techniques. We provide these services, and possess the expertise to determine which projects require certain procedures. Because MIG welding involves a wire that functions as both the electrode and the filler material, it is ideal for larger quantity projects that require material typically thicker than .060”. Additionally, robotic MIG welding is a much faster process and typically used when quantities are high and/or order repetition is frequent.

MIG Welding Equipment

Lockrey’s fabrication department has several different welding work cells that include the following equipment:

  • MIG (GMAW), Manual & Pulse
  • Robotic Welding

Manual MIG Welding

The welding area features 9 manual MIG welding machines.

Robotic MIG Welding

Robotic MIG welding is one of our most accomplished areas of welding expertise. By trusting our experts at Lockrey Manufacturing, customers benefit from years of experience and technical knowledge. We are here to bring you high-quality, precision parts with on-time delivery.