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Lockrey Manufacturing is proud to announce a new division that has been opened in our facility.  We have recently acquired a wire-forming company and the machines are up and running in our facility.


The wire forming division services an array of customers in industries such as automotive, industrial, commercial and many more!


One of the first purchases after acquiring this company, was a CNC wire former capable of manufacturing wire with 3 axis. This has greatly reduced the need for special fixturing, tooling, and hand work. Now, parts can be 3D modeled and programmed directly allowing the operator to create three-dimensional wire forms with the touch of a button.


Investing in the new wire forming machine is one of many examples of Lockrey Manufacturings continued improvement for the facility. Technology is one of the fastest changing aspects in manufacturing- and to remain competitive and cutting edge, it is essential to provide tools with the latest updates and software.


Please look at the images below for some examples of the products produced by Lockrey's Wire Division. If you have any projects in mind, or need more information, please feel free to contact us at you earliest convenience.