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Lockrey's fabrication department has several different welding work cells that include the following equipment:


MIG (GMAW), Manual & Pulse

TIG (GTAW), Manual & Pulse

3 Phase 75 KVA Resistance Welding (Spot Welding)

Robotic Welding


The welding area features 9 manual MIG welding machines and 7 manual TIG welding machines. Our 3-Phase 75 KVA Spot Welder has the capability of joining combined thicknesses of 1/4" mild steel, 1/4" stainless steel, and 1/8" aluminum.


Lockrey features 2 robotic welders. Our first features a 350 AMP MIG pulse welding system, a 6-Axis manipulator, and a 2 position table. Our latest robot features a 6 axis manipulator, Ferris wheel pallet changer with 102" inches from head to tail-stock, and a seventh rotary axis.


Welding is on of the most important components to fabricated parts. By trusting  our experts at Lockrey Manufacturing, you are able to benefit from years of experience and technical knowledge. We are here to bring you high quality, precision parts with on time delivery.