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With a range from 56 tons to 200 tons, our 3 CNC brake presses have the capacity to handle a 144" work piece between the uprights.

The manual roll forming machine has a 3/8" x 72" capacity.


The Amada robotic CNC brake press allows Lockrey to provide increased productivity, superior accuracy and ultimate safety by reducing the human variable.


Our 20 ton punching machines have a 1/4" capacity, 4-Axis 360 degree rotating head and a work range of 80" X 50" (160 X 50" with repositioning).


Equipped with the knowledge of sheet metal design from the training of Trumpf, our engineers can take your weldments and make them into formed pieces to allow for higher efficiency and lower production costs.


By reducing welds and replacing them with bends, we are able to streamline production for your products.


Lockrey can also create custom tooling when a part calls for specific bend shapes. We are always up to the challenge when customers present us complex parts. Give us a call today to discuss your forming needs and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.