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When completing your parts, Lockrey offers a variety of finishes to choose from. With an extensive in house powder coating system, our facility can quickly get your parts powdered and shipped once they have been machined, formed, and welded.


It is essential to have a finish when parts are exposed to corrosive elements. Aside from powdering.


Lockrey can also do wet paint in house, or out source to a near by plating facility.


No matter what the final finish is for your part, Lockrey Manufacturing has you covered.


Our fabrication division currently features the following finishing centers:

    -Wet (electrostatic) Paint Booth

    -Electrostatic Paint Booth

    -Spray Painting (Atomized Liquid Coating)

    -Batch Powder Coat Line

    -Vibratory Deburring

    -Time Saving

    -Complete assembly & part finishing area including ultrasonic cleaners

    -2 Sandblasters