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Lockrey Manufacturing | CNC Turning


The Lockrey Machining Department is capable of performing complex lathe work, small & large CNC turning operations and can also produce nearly any type of thread including:


    -Pipe Threads

    -Metric Threads

    -Standard English Threads


    -Multiple Start



As Lockrey started off as a screw machine shop, lathes have been the foundation of the machining center. Since then, the capabilities have grown with the continuing improvements and advancements in CNC machining centers.


By adding new machines into the facility, Lockrey is able to provide customers with the highest quality standards and OTD on the market.


Having a talented and experienced operator is key for the success of any manufactured part. As employees are also the owners of Lockrey, taking pride in every part produced will prove the companies recipe for success, year after year.



Lockrey Manufacturing | CNC Turning Machines

Below are the CNC Turning Machines that are used at Lockrey:


Screw Machines:


Bar capacities range from 1/16" to 2-1/4" inches. Screw machines are ideal for high volume production runs and processing less complex parts. All screw machines are CNC controlled.


    -3-Brown and Sharpe #2 (1 5/8")

    -1-Brown and Sharpe #3 (2 1/4")

    -1-Brown and Sharpe 3/4


Swiss-type CNC Lathes:


Bar capacities range from 1/16" to 1-1/4". Swiss type lathes are capable of turning small diameter, long parts with great precision.


Swiss-type lathes often can eliminate secondary operations and additional handling in many applications.


    -1-Nomura NN-20YB

    -3-Nomura NN-32YB

    -1-Citizen Cincom L16

    -1-Citizen Cincom E25J

    -1-Citizen Cincom L32


CNC Horizontal Turning Centers (HTC):


The CNC Horizontal turning area contains 2, 4 & 5 axis machines with 1/8" to 4 5/16" bar capacities and up to a 15" chuck with a 24" swing and 50 inches of travel.


    -2-MacTurn 250-W


    -2-LT 2000 EX-2TMY

    -1-Okuma LB4000EX Space Turn

    -1-Okuma 769E

    -1-Okuma L470M

    -2-Okuma LU15

    -1-Okuma LU-15M

    -1-Okuma 762S

    -2-Okuma LB15