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The Lockrey Grinding Department features over 3 centerless grinders and up to 4" diameter capacities.


Our experienced machinists can produce intricate shapes and profiles on long or short parts, grind thin parts, grind-to-form parts and grind a wide range of part types. We offer the most precise and reliable methods for the production of close tolerance parts. Capacities up to 4" diameter x 76" long. Our gear cutting capabilities range from mid sized production to one-piece prototypes.



    -High Throughput

    -Fast Grinding Cycles

    -Faster & Better Rounding

    -Higher Accuracy

    -Wide Part Range



    -1-Cincinnati 2EA

    -1-Cincinnati 220-8

    -1-Cincinnati #2 CNC Control

    -1-Cogsdill CX-2000

    -(External Burnishing)