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Located in the heartland of the industrial Midwest, the Lockrey Manufacturing facility is geared for efficient, expedient, and quality production. Our philosophy, simple and time tested is this:

 "Provide the customer with a value added product in a timely manner, utilizing the latest in technology while offering the technical support of the Lockrey Team."


Lockrey Screw Products was founded in 1956 by John Lockrey; a screw machine company whose primary customer was the Toledo Scale Company. Mark Makulinski, a process engineer graduate from General Motors Institute, purchased the company in 1977. Lockrey's business increased through the addition of diversified machining capacity and acquisitions that included a complete Fabricating Division.


By 1989, the company had outgrown its original 6,000 square foot site and was relocated to its present location with 100,000+ square feet of floor space and room for expansion.

In 1990 Lockrey Screw Products became Lockrey Manufacturing to emphasize the company's diversity in manufacturing and the concept of the "INDUSTRIAL MALL", a one-stop shop for manufacturing.


ISO 9001 Certification was obtained in April 2000 and recertification in 2011, furthering Lockrey's commitment to providing quality products and services that support the company's specialized machining and fabricating business.




Employee Ownership: Why It Works

Lockrey's success has been built on the ability to deliver value to its customers. In order to accomplish this, each and every associate needed to be committed to the success of the company. In 2000, Lockrey Manufacturing became Employee Owned.


Upon completion of a year of service with Lockrey, each associate is eligible to accumulate shares as part owner of Lockrey through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The ESOP Plan provides a retirement savings for each associate as each participant's contributions purchase equity in the company. The shares purchased are then redeemed at retirement at the current value, plus the added value of the company.


Employee ownership works because employees see how their actions directly affect the financial success of the company as well as their own. In today's competitive global economy, businesses must maintain a workforce that is highly motivated, creative and skilled. Employee Ownership has allowed Lockrey to cultivate these traits in our employees.


Through the combination of a highly motivated workforce, where over half of all profits are shared, and a continuous investment in the latest manufacturing technology, Lockrey has remained a leader in the machining and fabricating markets. Today, Lockrey Manufacturing is a one stop, complete parts processing, manufacturing company.



Lockrey Receives 2008 Outstanding Supplier of the Year Award


Fisher Controls (www.fisher.com), a world leader in the manufacture of control valves and regulators, has awarded Lockrey Manufacturing their 2008 Outstanding Supplier of the Year Award. We are very proud of this designation, and appreciate the dedication of all of our associates that made this achievement possible. Click on the photo to see a full-screen image of our team accepting the award.

Lockrey Fisher
Lockrey Carol and Don

Carol Denton-Tunison (Logistics Coordinator)

Don Vollmar (Chairman and former CEO)

Innovation and community charity are mainstays with the associates at Lockrey Manufacturing


Robots. Automated machine processing. High tech defines the facilities at Lockrey Manufacturing, as this product of the industrial 1950s has made the transition from mechanical to electronic processing. What began as Lockrey Screw Products has evolved continuously over the years, adapted to the times, and shown that diversity is key in maintaining relevance in the business sphere.

One of the stories Don Vollmar, president of Lockrey, is fond of telling is that the company has lost its largest customer seven times in its history yet continues to flourish.

“Our diversity is king. It allows us to stay in business,” Don said.

That diversity has extended to robotics in the modern era, utilizing automated programs and production technicians for guaranteed precision in material handling. Thanks to highly skilled associates operating and programming them, those machines do what would be mindboggling to most floor workers even today: consistently addressing tolerances down to a scale of one-tenth of a thousandth of an inch, according to Don. It puts them at the forefront of their game.

Of course, having a communal buy in doesn’t hurt either.

“We bring a lot of expertise for our customers. At Lockrey profits are a result of what we do, not the focus. Our goal is that every person that walks in every morning to go to work feels they can make a difference in our company — and then we expect them to make a difference,” said Don.

Yet at the same time, the associates are taking its innovation and returning it back to the community. According to Carol Denton-Tunison, a Lockrey CSR, their involvement with local charities are quiet, but proactive, and the company actively seeks one project each spring and fall.

“We have a lot of associates that know how to expertly run machines, but they also have a lot of expertise with plumbing, building, gardening, so we will pool our brain powers and select a charity that gives us a chance to get out there and dig up the grass, paint a building, build a structure,” Carol said.